Mayor Randy Stephens

Mayor Randy Stephens is a family man, born and raised in the Burnwell Community of Dora and graduated from Dora High School.

He and his wife Lisa have three children and three grandchildren. “I lived in a small community with friends and neighbors that were always there to share in the good times and to support one another in bad times,” he said. He worked underground in a coal mine for over 10 years, so he’s not afraid to get his hands dirty.


But after a layoff, he picked himself by the bootstraps and earned an Associates Degree from Bevill State Community College, a Bachelor’s and a Master’s Degree from the University of Alabama in Birmingham. He is now a Family Nurse Practitioner providing primary healthcare at a local clinic.


Mayor Stephens beams with pride when he talks about Dora and the future for the city. “Dora has a rich history as a booming mining and railroad town,” he said “From those humble beginnings, Dora has grown into a city full of potential.” “We’re in a great position with the future I-22 Corridor.”


Stephens points out that Dora is one of the ONLY municipalities of this size that owns and operates a successful golf course. “It’s a well-kept, challenging course that’s fun to play,” he said. Where else do golfers encounter deer, turkey, fox, rabbit, and other wildlife with playing 18 holes of golf? “Though the course is beautiful, the likelihood of close contact with nature makes the experience even more enjoyable.”


Dora also has outstanding police and fire departments. “Even though our crime rate is low, our success in solving crime that does occur is among the highest in the state for a city of our size.”


While the fire department is comprised of a dedicated group of volunteers, they are ready and willing to respond to any emergency at anytime of the day or night in all kinds of weather.


Mayor Stephens says that Dora is a great place to live and raise a family.