Workshop Minutes – 4/18/24

Workshop Session Minutes of the
Council of the City of Dora, Alabama

April 18, 2024

The Council of the City of Dora, Alabama met in the Dora Municipal Building at
6:00 p.m.

Present at the meeting was Mayor Hezikiah L. Walker, Jr., David Box, George Sides, Jr.,
Randy Spears, Gary Thomas and Robert Busby.

Items discussed at the meeting were as follows:

Mayor Walker and George Sides went to Montgomery on April 10, 2024 and met with
Director Boswell of ADECA. The City of Dora was awarded a $1 Million Dollar non-
matching grant from CDBG and ARC. We were advised to wait one month before
applying for the grant due to another potential tenant coming to Heritage Landing, which
would increase the jobs, which in turn would increase the grant amount we could
potentially receive.

The potential handicap parking area at the lake pavilion project was discussed.
Horse Creek Golf Course: Updates given on new software installation, status of cashless
system, membership contracts, manager applicants, handicap flags on the golf course and
the role of marshals were all discussed. Keith Wright discussed some of the major
maintenance items that need to be addressed including deck repairs, 132 total trees need
to be removed from Hole 3, 4, 5, 10, 12 for a total cost of $50,800; this project will need
to be done in phases. The golf course has never replaced the water coolers and will need
six water coolers. The price range is anywhere from $800-$1,600 per unit.

Mayor Walker discussed the budget that he had all the department supervisors to submit
and asked that they submit a different budget with only essential items the department
needs to operate. It was discussed that with the demands of funding the Heritage Landing
project on the City’s budget that the topic of pay raises for all employees may need to be
addressed at a later date. Chief Hall discussed that it is pressing to raise the pay for the
police officers and dispatchers to compete with neighboring departments. Fire Chief
Booth discussed the lack of volunteers responding to calls and the need for hiring three
potential employees to cover 24-hour shifts at the fire department.